Friday, 25 July 2008

Is that the sound of a bell tolling for Gordon Brown?

I hear that Paul Kenny the leader of the GMB Trade Union has said that Gordon Brown should stand in a leadership election this autumn so as to gauge his own support within the Labour party.

I predict that this will not happen, the Labour party are very panicky at the moment - even the LabourHome website is reporting "The host server has taken too long to generate a HTTP response"., but Gordon Brown has not waited over a decade to become Prime Minister only to lose it without a fight. He is a very stubborn man and he believes matters will come round if only he and his team work longer and take more control; he's completely wrong about this, but he does believe it.

As I have said before and no doubt will say again:

1. The problem for the Labour party is that Gordon has coveted the position of Prime Minister for so long that he could no more give it up voluntarily than a drug addict could give up his drug of choice. Gordon Brown understands that to leave office without a general election win to his name would destroy his place in history so he will soldier on, hoping for a change in fortune or a self-inflicted disaster to strike the Conservative party; something, anything.

2. I will be happy to see Gordon Brown forced out of office against his will as he has been a disaster for the UK for the past 11 years, although no doubt an excuse will be found as to why he has had to retire. What worries me is that Labour will then call a general election and lose it leaving the Conservatives to shoulder some of the blame for the coming economic firestorm.

I want Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Alistair Darling, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, David Milband, Des Browne, Hilary Benn, Douglas Alexander, Ruth Kelly, Yvette Cooper, Ed Miliband, Charles Clarke, Alistair Milburn, David Blunkett and the rest of the current Cabinet and ex-Cabinet members to have to shoulder all of the blame for what is going to happen to the UK and I want them to hate every minute of it. The look of embarrassed discomfort on their faces will be something to enjoy whilst the UK economy and society collapse around us. I fear that what is coming will be extremely unpleasant and I wish that I and Mrs NotaSheep had joined the two million and left the UK before this year.

3. The Labour party have such financial problems that they may not be able to afford a general election campaign in the short-term. Their best chance of getting money is via the tried and trusted method of allocating grants for union modernisation and receiving the money back as union funding of the Labour party. Dare they tread that route again?

For what it is worth, I think that it is soon for a general election. The economy has not yet collapsed and when it does I want there to be a Labour Prime Minister and I want that PM to be Gordon Brown. Although I do believe that Gordon Brown may now be following a "scorched earth" policy and that he can do a lot of damage over the next 22 months, I do also want Gordon Brown to suffer for as long as possible and for his image and reputation to become as low as it is possible to be. I want him to be so despised and derided that he wants to leave the Country and never come back. Except to prevent this, I want his passport taken from him and him made to live amongst the chaos that he has masterminded.

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