Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The manoeuvering continues

David Miliband has apparently got a nationwide pre-conference tour planned for next month and rumours abound that his conference speech will range wider than his Foreign policy brief. John McDonnell's website has been updated and he looks ready to enter the competition to succeed Gordon Brown. Harriet Harman has had to deny reports that she said "this is my moment" when she watched television reports on the Glasgow East by-election. 10 junior ministers are rumoured to be considering resigning to force Gordon Brown out. John Craig reports that there may be some Prosecco plotting. Finally, for now, it is rumoured that Nick Clegg is ready to target Labour seats rather than Conservative ones, this could mean Labour winning even less seats than is currently predicted - some are even predicting that they may win less seats than the Lib Dems.

Having a good holiday Gordon?

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