Thursday, 24 July 2008

Barack Obama seems confused again

I read in many places that Barack Obama ever keen to avoid giving offence on his trip to Middle East had issued some helpful hints to female reporters accompanying him on the trip. These hints included:

Do not wear nail polish.
Women should only wear a limited amount of jewelry.
Shoulders and arms must be fully covered (no strapless tops, no tank tops, no short sleeve shirts.)
Do not wear green. (Explained later as the color of Hamas)
Closed-toe shoes, women should also wear stockings.

NeoCon Express has some photos that show "modest" Israeli girls.

Barack Obama was of course confusing the multi-cultural, democratic country of Israel with the Islamic theocracies that mostly surround it.

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John M Ward said...

Bearing in mind how hot it is there, the Israeli women appear to have the more pragmatic approach.