Friday, 25 July 2008

Conservative supporters don't approve of the BBC!

Conservatives don't approve of the BBC is the amazing conclusion being drawn from the PHI5000 report that (my emphasis)
"The panel have been asked since April to give their opinion on a range of British institutions. The BBC has consistently received the highest net approval rating of all the institutions included in the PHI5000 tracker,and currently has a score of 30.

However, a breakdown of figures by political affiliation reveals that this high rating is due to the overwhelming approval of Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters, who each currently give the BBC a net approval rating of 50.

In contrast, the score from Conservative supporters stands at just 7, meaning it has now fallen not only below 'Broadsheet newspapers’, but also ‘British Business and Businessmen’ and the Bank of England in their estimation."

Now why would Labour and Liberal democrat supporters be relatively happy with the BBC and Conservatives not? Puzzling isn't it?


John M Ward said...

It could be the extreme bias of the BBC, as evidenced in many ways that a number of bloggers have spotted and reported. I have today covered just one of their methods of skewing their reporting HERE.

Maverick said...

I really cannot figure this out. Why would this be the case? Bias what bias?