Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I feel unwell

"There may have been something sticky on his hands but it was only for a few seconds that he touched the prime minister"
Do you really want to learn more?

The above quotation is from a piece on the BBC website and has some more interesting quotes amongst the levity.
"A campaigner against Heathrow Airport's third runway has attempted to glue himself to Gordon Brown at a Downing Street reception."
Seems a rather foolhardy act, did he know when Gordon Brown last washed his hands?

"Dan Glass, a member of Plane Stupid, was about to receive an award from the prime minister when he stuck out his superglued hand and touched his sleeve.

Plane Stupid says Mr Glass, from north London, then "glued his hand" to Mr Brown's jacket as he shook his hand.

But Downing Street said there had been "no stickiness of any significance".
"No stickiness of any significance"? If this was Superglue then it is not a great advertisement for their product.


"Downing Street confirmed an exchange had taken place but denied that Mr Glass had glued himself to the prime minister.

"There may have been something sticky on his hands but it was only for a few seconds that he touched the prime minister," a spokesman said. "There was no stickiness of any significance."

He added: "This was certainly not seen as a serious protest. It was very light-hearted. This was not a serious incident."

I am trying to picture the scene, Gordon Brown goes to shake hands in his very natural way with a member of the public and the member of the public tries to grab hold of his jacket sleeve so as to glue himself to it...

"Speaking afterwards, Mr Glass said: "My left hand was covered in superglue and I stuck it to his sleeve.

"I just glued myself to him and after 20 seconds he tore my hand off - it really hurt. He had to give it a couple of tugs before it came away."
So the Downing Street spokesman said the incident lasted "only for a few seconds" whilst Mr Glass said it lasted "20 seconds" before his hand was torn away from the Prime Ministerial jacket. A wise move to choose the jacket and not the tie as we know what Gordon stores on the back of his ties...

"He was just grinning about it. He didn't seem to take me seriously."
No Mr Glass that's Gordon Brown's set expression when meeting "ordinary folk", he thinks it shows that he has a cheery disposition - he is so wrong.

Now here is the best line -
"The Metropolitan Police said there had been no breach of security."
Now why does that not surprise me? A man superglues himself to the Prime Minister using glue smuggled into Number 10 in his underwear, but there was no breach in security. I wonder what would constitute a breach in security? I drove near Whitehall today and saw the armed police that are now a familiar part of the London scene. I t would appear that they are very happy to carry arms and look "hard", but less happy to acknowledge breakdowns in their security systems.

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Barnacle Bill said...

No doubt our glorious unelected Leader will straight around to his Savile Row tailor to be measured for a new suit to be claimed off expenses!