Wednesday, 21 January 2009

BBC Radio 4 Today programme (Wed 21 Jan 08:00-08:15)

I listened to this 15 minutes segment with incredulity. I consider, and I'm sure the BBC do to, this 15 minute slot as they one as I believe it has the most listeners - it is after all where they put their key interview. So what do we have today? Gushing reporting on Barack Obama's inauguration, glowing praise for his immediate decision to suspend the trials of the men being tried in a Guantanamo Bay military court for planning the 9/11 attacks, a reminder to everyone of how Israel had been in attacking Gaza, a quick mention of the economy an d then onto some navel gazing as to the future funding of public sector broadcasting.

I am so angry this morning; the USA have elected as President a man who has consorted with a terrorist, liaised with a fraudster, lied in interviews and worshipped in a black supremacist church. They have elected a man whose campaign had questions over its funding, questions over voter registration and questions over intimidation of voters at the polls. I could go on and on and on but what's the point? The liberal media decided Barack Obama would be the right man to be President of the US and so he became President. The BBC decided that the US needed to be purged after the evil George Bush and that a black man was the right symbol of change. The fact that Barack Obama is not black but mixed race is mostly ignored. Even mentioning the fact that his black heritage is not Afro-Caribbean but seemingly mostly Arabic seems to be "verbotten"; some of the evidence that I have been able to discover Barack Obama is 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% Black African. Not that would matter, what matters in the secrecy of the campaign and the lack of scrutiny by the media.

I had a a very bad feeling about Barack Obama's impending ascendancy to the most powerful elected position in the world and now it has happened I am even more worried.

The BBC's incessant coverage of everything that Israel does whilst ignoring the huge numbers of people who die in other conflicts around the world is a source of great despair within me. The BBC's agenda is pro-Islam and anti-Israel and their continual spewing of stories that show Israel in as bad a light as possible whilst covering up the misdeeds of the Palestinian terrorist groups and Muslim countries that surround Israel is dangerous. The UK state broadcaster seems not to care that Jews are being beaten up, synagogues being fire-bombed, Jewish owned shops being vandalised and Jewish cemeteries being desecrated. Nor do they care that these events are happening at least partly because of their unceasing attacks on the Jewish State.

The UK economy has been mismanaged for nearly 12 years. Gordon Brown has been a disaster as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister. Almost Gordon Brown's (and Tony Blair's) first acts on coming to power were to remove money from people's pensions, set-up the ridiculously inefficient tripartite City regulation system and target the "independent" Bank of England to work to a very simple inflation target to the exclusion of most everything else. UK pension funds lost out by around £5bn a year, the "light touch" City regulation helped fuel the bubble that has now burst and the inflation target was deliberately designed to exclude the rising property costs. The asset bubble was a way of keeping middle-class Britons feeling happy enough with their increasing albeit illusory "wealth" that they would let Tony Blair and Gordon Brown get on with their social engineering experiments, foreign wars and wrecking of the constitution. A supine opposition, cowed by the enormous Labour majority and the BBC's unwillingness to listen to criticism of the Labour government, could do or say nothing. Even after the Iraq war and the BBC's detestation of its "illegality" the BBC would rather have any Labour government than a Conservative government and in recent years their coverage has been more and more biased towards that end.

I do seem to have strayed somewhat from my original point about this morning's Today programme's odd priorities over the last 45 minutes of writing, but this morning it has all become too much. I really do fear for the future of the USA and its allies under the Presidency of Barack Obama. I really do fear for the future of the UK economy as I really do believe that this Country will be "bankrupt" within a year from now. I really do fear for my future as a Jew in a Country that has elements that increasingly show their hatred for Jews.

I do not want what happened to the middle-class Jews in Germany in the 1930s to happen to me in the 2010s. The German Jews thought they could keep their heads down and that the troubles would pass, they were wrong and millions dies in the gas-chambers as a result. I do not want myself and my wife to face a similar fate in the coming years.

What to do about this is the problem; Mrs NotaSheep thinks we have to keep on, keeping on. I am not so sure. Whatever I do decide I will let you know, but in the meantime.... good luck.


Anonymous said...

My great uncle left Germany in 1933 (he was a Jewish economist)because he could see the writing on the wall - I tool worry what is going to happen - if only I could see the obvious country for escape.

Not a sheep said...

If you find anywhere let me know, because the Europe, the US, Canada & Australia are all no better or worse. New Zealand and India are possibles in the English speaking world.

mexicano said...

Get out while you still can! If you´re looking for somewhere, try the Yucatan part of Mexico. I kid you not, it´s great here!