Thursday, 29 January 2009

Who is a subversive?

According to a recent EU Council decision many of us could be labelled as "subversives" with worrying consequences. Amongst the "crimes" that could lead to one being labelled a subversive are (my emphasis) (my comments):
* Offences related to waste - overfilling a rubbish bin?
* Unintentional environmental offences - spilling some suntan oil on a beach?
* Insult of the State, Nation or State symbols
* Insult or resistance to a representative of public authority - calling Gordon Brown an idiot or the EU totalitarian?
* Public order offences, breach of the public peace
* Revealing a secret or breaching an obligation of secrecy - Telling people what a friend did on New Year's Day?
* Unintentional damage or destruction of property - Mrs NotaSheep had a shower head problem this morning, resulting in a very wet bathroon, does that make her a subversive?
* Offences against migration law - an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)
* Offences against military obligations - an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)
* Unauthorised entry or residence
* Other offences an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)
* Prohibition from frequenting some places
* Prohibition from entry to a mass event - I was once refused entry to a gig until I had got rid of my camera, does that make me a subversive?
* Placement under electronic surveillance ("fixed or mobile" - eg: home, car, mobile phone etc)
* Withdrawal of a hunting / fishing license
* Prohibition to play certain games/sports
* Prohibition from national territory
* Personal obligation - an "Open category" (offences undefined thus all encompassing)
* "Fine" - all fines. inc minor non-criminal offences - Does this include parking tickets?

Welcome to the EUSSR, we are all subversives and once labelled as such, how long before the first re-education camps begin operating? How about forced labour camps, where people can repay their debts to society? And then the concentration camps to rid the EU of economic terrorists, subversives and undesirables?

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