Thursday, 29 January 2009

Labour MPs in West London have just added another nail to their political coffins (Stephen Pound update)

Further to my piece yesterday about the Heathrow third runway debate and my . I have discovered at The Public Whip that Stephen Pound was very bravely "absent" for this vote. Was he ill, was he unavoidably away from the House on that day? It would seem not as he managed to vote, on the same day, with the Labour Government on the Deferred Division — section 5 of the european communities (amendment) act 1993.

I presume that when campaigning in Ealing North at the next General Election he will just say that he abstained on the vote regarding the Third Runway. I trust that that will not be enough to satisfy his electors and that another lickspittle Labour MP will lose his seat.

Of the other West of London MPs:
Alan Keen MP, Feltham & Heston - LAB - For third runway
Ann Keen MP, Brentford & Isleworth - LAB - For third runway
Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough - LAB - For third runway
Vincent Cable MP, Twickenham - LD - Against third runway
Susan Kramer MP, Richmond Park - LD - Against third runway
Greg Hands MP, Hammersmith & Fulham - CON - Against third runway

I trust that local electors will note how their Labour MP voted on this issue and vote them out of office in 2009/10. Maybe the next Parliament will have no Labour MPs for West London and the west of London; here's hoping.


Crushed said...

I have a feeling Pound will hang on.

Ann Keen is out next time, I'd say.

Trixy said...

I should imagine that the reason Alan Keen voted for a third runway is that he didn't want his constituents to lose their jobs.

Well, any more of his constituents to lose their jobs.

Airplanes might be a bit of a pest but one gets used to them and being a hub for the whole of Europe and North Africa is rather handy for our economy.

Not a sheep said...

Not building a third runway and building a new airport in the Thames Gateway should not affect many existing jobs in West London but might make it a place that it is feasible to live comfortably in.