Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One year down, four more to go before the North Pole ice caps disappear in the summer months

One year ago it was reported that:
in "a January 24 Agence France Press news story out of the Davos meeting of business and political elite. Gore asserted that, “the North Pole ice caps may disappear entirely during summer months within five years…”"

How did the North Pole ice caps fare last summer?

I have read that:
"Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979"
Alaska experienced "a net increase or advance in glaciers"
"Sea Ice Growing at Fastest Pace on Record"
"Antarctica Ice Cap Growth Reaches Record High Levels "
"The Disappearing Arctic Ice Is Back And It's Thick"
"Record cold wave blasts Mumbai"
"China Suffers Coldest Winter in 100 Years"
But those are facts and we know that the Man Made Climate Change industry hate facts.

Just like most, if not all, of the environmentalist lobby's predictions, this one will slip away or be revised back a few years. The reality is of no importance, what matters is fear and using that fear to gain control.

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