Friday, 23 January 2009


Some advice to David Cameron and his team.

As soon as you win the next general election, demand all the backup media for the Government email servers. You want all the backup media as far back as possible, the last year end media, any media stored on-site, off-site or at a disaster recovery site. Then get people in to investigate. The truth as to what Gordon Brown and his colleagues knew, and when, about the economic disaster that is unfolding around us should be on there along with other interesting scandals I am sure. Also don't forget that there are people who can retrieve data from mangled media and emails deleted from Exchange servers.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea but it canot be done. It will all be locked away for 30 years.

Not a sheep said...

Surely not. I thought it could not be made "public" but surely an incoming Government can see the relevant correspondence of the previous administration. If not then I will have to make sure I stay alive until 2039 to find out the truth.