Thursday, 22 January 2009

It's conspiracy theory time re Barack Obama and the second oath taking

So all of you conspiracy theory fans who swore that Barack Obama would never take the oath The Bible, because he was a secret Muslim, what say you now?

I only ask because apparently the White House legal team decided that the original oath taking was not acceptable because of the mistakes made on Tuesday. So Barack Obama re-took the oath in private yesterday, again administered by The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts. This time however, Barack Obama did not swear on a Bible because apparently one was not available - how convenient?) And journalists were excluded from the ceremony in the Map Room of the White House - why?.

The BBC are reporting this as a light-hearted "oops" type story. Two things strike me; first that if this had been a Republican then "embarrassing gaffe" and "chaotic start to a Presidency" would have been phrases much in evidence in the BBC's coverage and second that this re-taking of the oath without a Bible is going to set the conspiracy theory websites afire. If I were Barack Obama I would organise a third oath taking ceremony and re-take the oath and swear on a Bible, because otherwise the rumours will spread. If he doesn't then what does that show?

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