Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Barack Obama can't even repeat the Oath of Office without the prompt being repeated

If George W. Bush had made this mistake the BBC would have been reporting "another gaffe", whilst "comedians" would be preparing their "hysterical" one-liners re how stupid Dubya is and the News Quiz team would be nearing hysteria at the thought of it.

But as it was the Obamessiah, not a word will be wasted on such a trivial matter.

Take a look here, here, here and here for my previous postings on Barack Obama and his oratorical skills.


Anonymous said...

He may have jumped to say his name while Roberts was finishing the first line (no telling how they rehearsed it) but it was Roberts, the Constitutionalist, who blew it by leaving out "faithfully" and it was Obama who knew the oath well enough to stop before saying in improperly. It all descended, however, into a mangle of words after Roberts failed again to say the line properly and started to adlib in individual words in no proper order.

Unknown said...

Loved the previous posts, never saw them first time round so thanks to linking back to them.

Not a sheep said...

If you want to hear incoherent ad-libbing, take a trip to the links I posted. You'll also hear a great factual error, that if George Bush had have made it would have been replayed endlessly for our "enjoyment". As a bonus you'll also see him give two completely opposite accounts and be convincing both times.

The US have elected someone who may make Tony Blair look honest, straight-forward and trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Two other presidents, Calvin Coolidge and Chester Arthur, have had to repeat the oath because of similar problems.