Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Labour MPs in West London have just added another nail to their political coffins

The Labour Government have managed to push their plans for a third runway at Heathrow through a vote called by the Conservatives on an opposition day. Gordon Brown of course didn't want to allow a vote on this matter; he doesn't really like democracy as we know from the way his team ensured there would be no vote when he succeeded Tony Blair as Prime Minister, his cowardly backing down from an Autumn election in 2007 and of course his refusal to allow the British people a vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

Anyway by a majority of 19 the third runway squeaked through the House of Commons, around 25 Labour MPs rebelled including Ealing Southall's Virendra Sharma who represents a constituency that will particularly hard hit by the extra noise and building work. Other West of London Labour MPs that I believed rebelled include Ealing Acton and Shepherd's Bush's Andrew Slaughter and Reading West's Martin Salter. I wonder how Ealing North's Stephen Pound voted, he is a real Labour government toady so Did he vote for his constituents' interests or his Government's? I will check in Hansard in the morning.

So how many Labour MPs in West London and beyond will keep their seats when the electorate see the choice, on this one issue, as being between a Labour party devoted to imposing the third runway on London and a Conservative party committed to cancelling the project. Bye bye Labour MPs, hello happy West London constituents rid of their Labour lickspittles.

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