Sunday, 25 January 2009

Protecting the party (update 2)

News Sniffer reveals the first version of the story that I reported upon here and then here as being somewhat less protective of the Labour party. Here is the original headline of version 0: "Peer denies cash for law changes" and the opening sentences:
"The former Energy Minister, Lord Truscott, has denied offering to put down amendments to legislation in the House of Lords in return for money.

A Sunday Times investigation claimed an undercover reporter had discussed fees of up to �72,000 with the peer. And it said three other Labour peers were prepared to help get legislation amended in return for cash. Lord Truscott told the BBC that "to suggest I would offer to put down amendments for money is a lie". The peer did admit to having had "discussions" with the reporter."

What is the BBC up to? The latest BBC news article tells us that the BBC cannot keep this story quiet, apparently:
"The Liberal Democrats have called for a police inquiry into allegations that four Labour peers were prepared to accept money to change proposed laws.

Home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said if the claims, made in the Sunday Times newspaper, were true a criminal offence would have been committed.

The four are said to have offered to amend laws in return for up to £120,000 - claims that they all deny.

The Leader of the House of Lords has promised a full investigation.

Lady Royall said she had spoken to the men concerned and would be "pursuing the matter with utmost vigour", while a Lords committee is expected to undertake an inquiry soon. "

This one could run and run, I suggest keeping an eye on Guido Fawkes site this week.

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