Sunday, 25 January 2009

Harriet Harman class warrior

Harriet Harman has plans. Harriet Harman that doughty class warrior who managed to escape her working class roots to reach the exalted higher echelons of the Party and State. Sorry that was a flight of fancy; Harriet Harman being of course the daughter of a Harley Street physician and a solicitor, the niece of an Earl, the grandchild of a RAF Group Captain Malcolm Spicer and having as other recent ancestors an MP, and members of the Spicer paper manufacturing family. Harriet Harman also attended the impeccably upper middle class St Pauls Girls school.

So Harriet do you really want to make
"homeowners ... pay more council tax than local authority tenants in identical properties under plans that could lead to 'class war', the Conservatives warned last night.?"
Is it true that :
"At present, they would be in the same tax band. But the Government wants to base bills on the social background of homeowners, it is claimed.?"

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