Thursday, 20 August 2009


Usain Bolt is unbelievable although he only broke his own world record by 0.11 seconds this time. Looking at the race that looked a pretty near perfect run; a fantastic start, an incredible bend, he kept running to the line and even put in a little dip.

It is not long ago that to break 20 seconds would get you a medal in a major championships 200 metre; tonight the first five athletes all broke 20 seconds.

What I would love to see is the video of Michael Johnson's 19.32 world record run at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics superimposed on Usain Bolt's run. The contrast in running styles between these two supreme sprinters would be fascinating, neither is a classical athlete but both are so fast. No coach would encourage his students to copy Michael Johnson's upright running style and few could run as easily and loosely as Usain Bolt but maybe 'different' is actually more effective than 'correct'.

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