Friday, 21 August 2009

Ann Widdecombe talks sense on climate change

The last two weeks I have heard quite a lot of Ann Widdecombe as I cannot bear Victoria Derbyshire's Radio 5 show and in the absence of Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio London has been off-limits. So I have been dipping in and out of TalkSport and LBC; and the last two weeks LBC have hadd Ann (no "E") Widdecombe hosting their morning phone-in. She's not at all bad, not a polished presenter by any means but she talks a fair amount of sense and doesn't keep going "nnnh". She does like to summarise what each caller says after each call, but after a while, I have found that quite endearing.

Today I read something in Ann's interview with Total Politics that I found interesting:
"It so happens that I know that an awful lot of people in our party - and by that I mean a lot - are deeply unhappy with the way that we've signed up apparently quite blindly to the climate change agenda. It isn't that they don't want sensible things like recycling, it isn't a silly rebellion. But there is a deep unease that we're rushing in virtually to a theology: those who asked questions are 'deniers'. The language is theological. We're rushing in to what has become a theology imposed by the equivalent of what has become the mediaeval church and that nobody's allowed to question it. And that even by questioning it, you're doing the world a massive disservice and bringing it under perdition. A lot of us are very unhppy but when it came to a division on climate change; three of us actually opposed the bill. I was almost surprised that there were that many. Supposing instead of three of us, there had been so many of us that there were a few votes in the balance. That becomes a much bigger question. It's easy to be one of three. It's very difficult to be one of three who make a difference and embarrass the party big time by doing so."
Well said Ann, but why have I only found out your views on Climate Change nine months before a general election when you will be standing down? Maybe you could publicise your view a bit more when you leave Parliamentary politics...

I also am cheered to read that Ann's Favourite comedian is Ken Dodd; unfashionable but great entertainment, rather like Ann Widdecombe.

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