Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Anti virus software false positives (update)

To AVG and CA you can now add Kaspersky who last Friday managed to "detect" the HTLM-Agent-CE trojan on the HSBC Personal Internet Banking site. Kaspersky apologise thus:
"On Friday 14th a scheduled update contained a false positive on the HSBC's UK internet Banking Website.

As soon as Kaspersky Lab was alerted to this fact it was fixed in a matter of minutes and posted to our update servers.

We are currently seeing around 30,000 new threats everyday and so on rare occasions a fix for one issue can have unintended consequences.

Kaspersky Lab takes this very seriously and has rigorous systems, processes and testing in place to avoid such a situation for our customers and partners. Kaspersky Lab apologises to HSBC and it's UK customers for the inconvenience caused."

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