Thursday, 27 August 2009

BBC coverage of Israel and the Palestinian territories

Yesterday I blogged about the story of Hamas killing 22 and injuring more than a hundred Palestinians in an attack on a mosque in Rafah. I pointed out the lack of coverage on the BBC. Whilst posting that item I noticed the following two stories that the BBC decided did warrant covering:

1. "Palestinians killed in Gaza raid - "At least three Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli air strike on a tunnel between Gaza and Egypt, Palestinian officials say.
They said several others were wounded in the attack, which occurred near the southern border town of Rafah."

2. "Shots exchanged over Gaza border" - "A Palestinian man has been killed and an Israeli soldier injured in exchanges of fire over the Israel-Gaza border."

So the death of one Palestinian in a clash with the Israeli army is newsworthy, the deaths of three Palestinian smugglers killed by the Israelis is newsworthy but the death of 22 Palestinians and injuring of 100 more by other Palestinians is not newsworthy... I wonder what the BBC decision making process is?

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