Friday, 21 August 2009


Have a listen to the 07:31 Today programme interview with Alex Salmond and see if you can spot where John Humphrys asks the important question and Alex Salmond avoids answering the questions asked.

The key passage starts at 07:15:
"What conversations have you had with British Authorities?"
Listen to the tone of Alex Salmond's voice

"Did the British government suggest to you whether they thought he should be let out, or not?"
Spot the long pause and the evasive answer involving the word "recommendation" rather than "suggestion"...
"Not recommendation but dod they give you any indication as to what they thought?"
Another evasive answer.
"It was your understanding that the British government wanted him released?"
Another evasive answer using "recommendation" again

There is a truth to be discovered here and maybe John Humphrys will get a straight answer out of David "there are circumstances in which terrorism is justified" Miliband; but somehow I doubt it.

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