Saturday, 29 August 2009

Enobled in secrecy - sums Labour up doesn't it?

The Telegraph reveals that:
"Michael Martin, who stood down as Speaker of the House of Commons over his response to the expenses scandal, has had his peerage quietly confirmed... His peerage was not publicly announced by Parliament, but slipped out in the London Gazette, the little-read official record of public announcements... A number of peers from all parties had called for the former Speaker Martin to be denied a title, which is in the gift of the Queen. Lord Lawson of Blaby, the former Chancellor, had led calls, saying that he had “let parliamentary democracy down”. The warning was echoed by Lord Desai, a Labour peer, and Lord Oakeshott, a Liberal Democrat, who both said that the ex-Speaker would not be welcome in the Lords. "
Good old Labour, everything in the open and transparent.


Craig said...

I've checked for this story on the BBC website & can't find it anywhere. Labour are keeping it quiet. The BBC are keeping it quiet.

Not a sheep said...

Why should the BBC report it? After all it might embarrass The Party. Far better to concentrate on Dear Leader's visit to the troops.