Monday, 31 August 2009

How fast are sea levels rising

Climate Audit report that the rate "dropped a remarkable 15% overnight from 2 mm/year to 1.7 mm/year" recently. Do have a read as to why; and wonder what other "errors" are in the data that is being used to justify the taxation and control policies being imposed upon us.


Trampolines King said...

Is it not trye that water expands when it freezes yet sits 90% in the water. Will the sea level not decrease if the ice melts. Not suggesting the ice meting is a good thing, but do they really know what they are talking about, or is it just the latest scare. When i was at school in the early seventies, I was taught that the food would run out by 2000 because of popualtion growth.

trampolines fan said...

I have really noticed ice recently during this winter and must say it is starting to get to me. I wish the spring would arrive. I wounder if this years winter is a guide of things to come.