Friday, 28 August 2009

Fascinating BBC headline - "Tories continue welfare attacks"

"Tories continue welfare attacks" what does that mean to you? That the Conservatives are in some way attacking welfare payments or people on welfare? That's how it read to me, which is why I clicked on the article to see which Conservative politician was being misquoted now. The actual story starts:
"The Tories have stepped up their attack on Labour's employment record, accusing them of leaving people trapped in a "vicious cycle" of welfare dependency.

Shadow work secretary Theresa May said unemployment had become entrenched in many families with dire social effects.

Figures released on Wednesday showed the number of UK households with no-one working has risen to a 10-year high."
So a somewhat different story from that which the headline alludes to, I wonder why the headline was chosen...

The BBC then report the frankly incredible claim that
"Labour said the Tories' failure to help the unemployed in the 1980s had left a disastrous legacy."

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