Thursday, 20 August 2009

It's 'A' Level results day

'A' level results day and I cannot bear to listen to the radio. I know what I would hear if I did: "we should celebrate the good results", "hard working students", "people shouldn't diminish what our students have achieved", "unfair to teachers and students to criticise the exams", "the exams are no easier than they have ever been", etc. etc. etc.

The rubbish spouted about the 'A' level exams not being any easier than they were 20, 30, 40 years ago really annoys me, when they so blatantly are easier. Maybe the Conservatives idea of putting all exam papers online would illustrate this point.

However the other factor that annoys me even more is the way this deceitful Labour government found another way to fiddle the statistics. They made some practical qualifications "equivalent" to all or part of an 'A' level so studies in cake decoration, pottery, flower arranging and tanning treatments are being given equivalent value to all or part of traditional 'A' levels.

This Labour government had dumbed down the UK's education system at almost every level. 'A' levels are no longer the "gold standard" of education, degrees are easier than they have ever been, GCSEs get easier year by year etc.

The trouble is that any criticism of the exam is deliberately taken by the education establishment, the Labour government, the teaching unions and the BBC as an attack on students, thus nicely blocking such criticism.


Brian E. said...

I've just found a copy of my "A" level Physics papers for Summer 1953.
If you fancy putting them on line you're welcome to a copy but it does say that they are copyright.

Anonymous said...

Me again - you definitely are a numpty...
How many A-levels did you get? because you write like retarded pensioner...

Harrumph, I hear you humph. Good bye forever.

Not a sheep said...

Samuel, back again? How many 'A' levels did I get? More than you I would imagine. From the the state of your punctuation I would assume that you did not study English for very long or with any great distinction.

"Good bye forever" - If only, I think you'll be back.

Brian E said...

Mr Anonymous.
It doesn't take a lot of effort to work out that if I sat my "A" levels in 1953 I must be a pensioner by now, although I accept that you may have needed a calculator.
And I passed three, which was quite good going as the most anyone sat was four.
Generally, at that time, three "A" levels taken at the same time were required for most worthwhile jobs, including entry to the Civil Service.

Not a sheep said...

Brian E: I think Anonymous was calling me "a numpty" and comparing my writing to a "retarded pensioner". I have had the pleasure of Samuel commenting on my blog before; indeed I think he is the most regular commenter that I have. However his comments do often lack clarity so maybe I am wrong.