Sunday, 23 August 2009

Not a waste of a sunny Sunday afternoon

The sun has been noticeably absent from this English summer so should I have spent this afternoon "catching some rays" to help my endless fight with my psoriasis? Probably I should have but since lunch I have instead been watching the fourth day of the final test on TV and I feel it has been worth it. England have regained The Ashes and that makes me feel very good indeed.


Craig said...

You have psoriasis too. Snap! Had it since I was eight. It's been raining all day in Morecambe (don't tell the tourists), so no rays here! Hurray for England!

Captain Fatty said...


Mr Pedant here. I think England regained the Ashes, not retained them, as the Aussies were the holders. Ah, that's better.

Captain Fatty

Not a sheep said...

Craig: had it since I was 8 or 9 as well, gets worse every year.

Captain Fatty: A typo not a mistake - "g" and "t" being next to each other on the keyboard.

Captain Fatty said...


Aha, I see. Let's hope we do retain them next time round eh?

Right, carry on.

Captain Fatty