Wednesday, 6 January 2010

BBC 5Live limber up for the general election update

The new 5Live line-up starts on Monday 11 January and there is an even more left-leaning line-up than ever before.

06:00–09:00 - 5 live Breakfast - All the main news with Nicky Campbell and Shelagh Fogarty. I think we can tell all we need to know about Nicky Campbell for his description of Paul Staines/Guido Fawkes as a 'fascist'. Campbell introduced Paul Staines as a 'Right-wing political blogger' so Paul Staines countered with the comment that 'It's nice to be on the Left-wing BBC this morning'. Nicky Campbell decided that it was appropriate to respond 'It's nice to have a Fascist on, Good morning!' before he tried to calm the situation by adding 'just joking'. I believe that Nicky Campbell later apologised for his remarks but I think the original comment speaks volumes for his political leanings.

09:00–10:00 - 5 live Breakfast Phone-in - Nicky Campbell takes your calls on the day's big story. More of the very expensively privately educated Nicky Campbell.

10:00–12:00 - Victoria Derbyshire - Original stories from across the UK, news, sport, and exclusive interviews. The vile VD keeps a show to inflict her irritating "nnnh" noise and inept interviewing on the populace.

Gabby Logan - News from around the UK with Gabby Logan. Including sport, politics, and money news.I wonder if Gaby Logan will interview mainly left of centre figures on this show as she seemed to her on her weekend show.

14:00–16:00 - Richard Bacon - News, sport, entertainment, and big guests. Plus your emails, texts and tweets. Richard Bacon's bias is well documented on Biased-BBC, here's a few links that may be of interest - anti-Sarah Palin tweets, Obama fanboy and more Obama fan boy

16:00–19:00 - 5 live Drive - The latest news, sport and travel updates with Peter Allen and Anita Anand. More from the crusty Peter "We've always got time for Kevin Maguire" Allen

Here's an extract from another Biased-BBC article that seems pertinent:
"In a column from last November titled "BBC must end its smug comedy consensus" the Guardian's Martin Kelner said he was helping produce some pilots of a talkshow for Radio Five Live; he explained that he was keen to avoid the "cosy broadly leftwing" consensus found on shows such as Richard Bacon and Gabby Logan. I was reminded of this when, flicking through the stations this morning, I heard Mrs Logan chatting with her studio guests - Mark Steel, the old school leftie comedian, and Mark Thomas, the old school leftie comedian."
The description 'leftie' hardly does justice to the political leanings of Mark Steele, a man who I discussed over two years ago:
"Mark Steele is a regular BBC commentator on Radio 5 Live where his political affiliations have never been mentioned (so far as I am aware), despite his being invited to discuss politics on a semi-regular basis. Simone Clarke was denigrated by the media for being a supporter of the BNP a party whose views many would find no more repugnant than those of the SWP."

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