Friday, 25 February 2011

"the British Broadcasting Cuts Corporation" - If you know it then do something about it Dave!

Dear David Cameron,

Politics Home reports that:
'Tucked away in the Telegraph's City diary is a lovely item about David Cameron giving an interview to a BBC reporter on youth unemployment. It took place last week, before the Middle East trip, as the PM was outlining efforts to tackle the issue.
In a parting shot he said this was a "good news story" and the "BBCC" should treat it as such.
"'The BBCC?' the hack asked.
"'Yes, the British Broadcasting Cuts Corporation,' replied Dave."
It sounds perfectly plausible give the PM's private scepticism about the way the Beeb has reported the cuts.'
If you know that is the case then bloody well do something about the BBC's bias.  They are doing their best to destroy you and your government and to get Labour back into power as soon as possible. Why do you just take it and moan in private; do something about it before its too late. What's stopping you? Do you think they'll become even more anti-Tory; could they?


Grant said...

He is going to do something, appoint Chris Patten.

Not a sheep said...

That is not going to help the conservatives but will allow the BBC to cry foul whenever the government line is pushed at them.