Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thursday morning catch-up

More Firefox tabs that I need to clear up.

1) The Telegraph report that
'Plastic bags may not be as bad for the environment as previously assumed, and may in fact be better than their “eco friendly” alternatives, government research suggests.'
This would be interesting enough but what is fascinating is that
'The report was commissioned in 2005 and due to be published in 2007, but has still not been released. '
Why has this report not been published? It is almost as though the last Labour government were more concerned with positioning than the truth.

2) The Spectator reported that the rather spectacularly nasty Damian McBride 'has a new job – head of media at the Catholic overseas aid charity CAFOD. He will be doubtless be brilliantly effective at briefing against its enemies (in CAFOD's case, hunger and the devil).'
Actually with Damian McBride's track record it is Oxfam and Christian Aid that have the most to fear.

3) Climate Depot report that according to Time Magazine 'Greens move on from 'climate change' to organic food movement'. It is almost as though the watermelons (green on the outside red on the inside) just want control and the destruction of the West's standard of living and they don't care which cause they have to espouse in order to achieve their goals.

4) Norman Tebbit's headline 'Where is Cameron leading us? To a Big Society gay wedding in Westminster Abbey? ' struck me as typical of the man; controversial, very un-PC but with more than a germ of truth. Read the whole article and note that Norman Tebbit must be the most polite of bloggers, he really gets into a conversation with the people who comment on his blog.

5) The Indian Economic Times informs us that
'Gold demand is set to stay high this year as Indian and Chinese appetite for the metal sharpens, but fresh buying in developed markets of jewellery in particular will depend on economic outlook , the World Gold Council said. '
Indeed gold is moving back up this week, although that could be due to the instability in the Middle East and Arab North Africa.

6) David Horowitz manages to get a US student to admit her support for a genocidal terrorist organisation, Hamas, that is illegal in the USA; has any action been taken against this student? What a lovely person for saying yes to supporting Hamas and Hezb'allah even after David Horowitz explains what they want to do with all Jews. This student's attitude is not unusual in the USA and indeed the UK which is why the time for Jews to flee is not far off.

7) Apparently I may be a Tory chihuahau - ChIHUAHuas are Conservatives In their Heads, Ukip At Heart

8) The Mail reported the shock horror story that London's Labour lead Camden Council was indulging in a piece of petty policy showboating:
'Samantha Cameron was last night at the centre of a row over the closure of a flagship symbol of her husband’s ‘Big Society’ policy.

The axing of a community centre championed by Mrs Cameron has sparked an exchange of insults between Conservative Chairman Sayeeda Warsi and the Labour council leader who took the decision.

Ms Warsi claims Nasim Ali has pocketed almost £100,000 in expenses, allowances and perks since 2007 – money she says could have been used to help keep the centre open.

Mrs Cameron was filmed in the run-up to last year’s General Election serving curry at the Surma Centre in Camden, North London, praising it as a ‘perfect example’ of the Big Society in action.

But Mr Ali, Camden’s Labour leader, is now stopping the centre’s annual £125,000 funding, blaming a £100 million black hole left in the council’s finances by Chancellor George Osborne’s cutbacks.

Conservative Chairman Sayeeda Warsi says £100,000 claimed by Camden Council leader Nasim Ali in expenses and perks could have been used to help keep the centre open

Mr Ali was quoted by journalist Tom Foot, the great-nephew of former Labour leader Michael Foot, as telling members of the centre: ‘Samantha Cameron came and cooked here for votes. Where is she now? If you want to lobby, lobby Sam Cam.’'

9) The Telegraph reported on part of the legacy of Gordon Brown and his right-hand man Ed 'second choice' Balls:
'Young people starting work this year will pay taxes for the Government’s Private Finance Initiative until they are nearly 70, an investigation by The Daily Telegraph has found.'
The Labour party's use of PFI was a scandal and one that a decent investigative media would have crucified them for. As it was only Private Eye really took Labour to task over PFI; shame on the rest of them.

10) Steven Goddard at Real Science reports something that the Met Office and the BBC will not tell you: 'Global Temperatures Have Dropped 0.5C In The Last 12 Months'

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