Friday, 25 February 2011

Should Col. Allen West be a candidate for President?

He makes sense, speaks well and can work a crowd

He really understands what radical Islam is and demands. Listen to how the others on the panel cannot bring themselves  to say what Allen West will and he knows his history and enough about radical Islam and is not scared to explain it - this is the first piece of video I ever saw of Col. Allen West and I was very impressed

He understands what happened at Fort Hood was a jihadi attack

He knows that the Tea Party is not racist and why they are portrayed as such by the left-wing media. He is a patriot

He can hold his own in a media interview even one on the Obama supporting MSNBC

He wound up Keith Olbermann

He understands the threat from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

He's got President Obama figured

He understands what's happening in Libya and why runaway spending muct be stopped and he has all the usual teasing answers when the idea of running for President is put to him

Remember I told you about Col. Allen West in July 2010, here and first here.


Davieboy said...

He'd sure get my vote.... if I was American.

les.w said...

"He makes sense..." - that immediately disqualifies him.