Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You racist!

Timothy Montague-Mason in the comments at Biased-BBC reports a rather good idea that someone posted on the Daily Mail website:
'It is my opinion that anyone calling another person a racist, must be able to prove that by his or her actions and statements, the accused is a racist as defined by law. The onus falls on the accuser to prove their claim and failure to do so when challenged will result in exactly the same penalty being fixed on them as if they themselves were a proven racist.

Thus anyone trying to close down a discussion on immigration by attempting to smear another who is doing no more than stating facts and figures or personal observations will result in possible imprisonment or unlimited fines imposed on the accuser!

Just think, with the racist smear denied them, the left might have to resort to reasoned discussion of the facts and will regain freedom of speech that is at present not quite denied but certainly censored.'
Works for me, any reasoned objections?

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Anonymous said...

I think this idea could be extended to many other areas of debate. You only have to spend a little time on the Guardian's CIF to realise how the left uses mindless, emotive sound bites in place of reasoned argument.