Sunday, 27 February 2011

Two and a Half Men may have come to an end but...

Charlie Sheen may have blown his chances of another series of Two and a Half Men as he apparently in 24 hours 'challenged Two And A Half Men producer Chuck Lorre to a fight, had production on his sitcom halted as a result and claimed that a new series on rival channel HBO is already in the works.

His bizarre behaviour, including multiple rants in which he calls his now ex-boss a 'turd' and a 'contaminated little maggot' has now put his role in an upcoming film Major League 3 in jeopardy, according to the film's producer James G. Robinson.'

Pictures of his holiday companions hit the press, here's one with helpful tags for the participants...

That's Charlie Sheen with his estranged wife, a porn star and a nanny (although no children seem to be on the plane)

Thankfully so long as there is Comedy Central there will always be repeats and that meansCandy...

April Bowlby aka Candy

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