Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Is anything newsworthy happening in the Middle East?

You would have thought that there were quite a lot of newsworthy events happening  in the Middle East at the moment; in Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Syria etc. But not according to the UN News Centre's 'Middle East' page looks like this (split into two images, sorry):

Five latest developments news stories all relating to Israel or the Palestinian Territories. Of course the ones relating to Israel are negative and the one relating to the Palestinian Territories is a upbeat story.

The three 'related press briefings' are all negative re Israel as are three 'related press releases'.

Why the lack of coverage of any other Middle Eastern country than Israel? Is the United Nations institutionally anti-Semitic or just anti-Zionist?

Thanks to UN Watch for the spot.

By the way did you spot what the URL for the UN News 'Middle East' page is?

Yes that's right the UN News's Middle East page has a URL that includes 'Palestin'; it's an obsession...

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