Sunday, 15 January 2012

Does Ed Miliband have no shame?

Ed Miliband: the leader of the Labour party, a member of the last Labour government wants us to believe that he is against 'crony capitalism'.

It seems that I am not alone in thinking this somewhat brazenly amnesiac.

The Labour party is after all the party of Drayson, Powderject & vaccines, Benneton, Mills/Jowell, Ecclestone & Formula 1 smoking ad ban, Lakshmi Mittal & letters to the Romanian Government, 'Sir' Gulam Noon, Hinduja passports, the Union Modernisation Fund, “we must do something for Branson, Tony”, Paul Myners, Loans for Lordships, etc. etc. etc.

Against crony capitalism? How stupid does Ed Miliband think we are?

How much s**t do the BBC think they can throw at the Conservatives so as to expunge the memory of the Labour years?

Thanks to Alex Masterley and Guido Fawkes for some of the examples.

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