Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Odd reporting by the BBC

The BBC have a news page devoted to 'Leveson Inquiry: The editors' views'. What is odd is that the views of Dominic Mohan of The Sun and others are quoted but not a word about the three editors from Trinity Mirrir: Richard Wallace, the editor of the Daily Mirror, Tina Weaver, the editor of the Sunday Mirror or Lloyd Embley, the editor of the People who all gave evidence yesterday. I wonder if the BBC will also be so coy about reporting the testimony of Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger when he has been up before the Inquiry? The BBC normally hang on every word of Mr Rushbridger and his newspaper, so it would be odd if they did not report.

Some time yesterday the BBC finally updated the article to reflect the Trinity Mirror editors' apearances, maybe I overestimated the BBC's bias but underestimated the BBC's inneficiency.


Anonymous said...

and how odd it is that you can't find this:

or is that you being selective in your reporting?

Not a sheep said...

That wasn't there when I posted my piece. BBC were somewhat more tardy in updating than I think they should have been.