Saturday, 7 January 2012

Something on your mind Ed?

Bob Holness of Blockbusters fame died yesterday, which was sad for someone of my "Give me a P please Bob" generation. Ed Miliband tried to join the zeitgeist and failed with the above Tweet.

What's the excuse?
A typo? You can't get much further away on a QWERTY keyboard than the letters o and a but maybe Ed's a seriously crap typist.
Or maybe Ed's a little preoccupied with Diane Abbott's racist comment...


Span Ows said...

JulaM has posted a few great additions to the Ed Miliband game show hashtag, i.e. The Weakest Chink, Yids Say The Funniest things etc.

Falco said...

To be fair to the ghastly little thing that "leads" the opposition I frequently substitute a and o when typing. I have no idea why and I make no other typos with such consistency.