Friday, 20 January 2012

The humanitarian cruise missile

Israel faces more challenges than any other country when it comes to warfare. Unlike the USA or Russia (or indeed almost any other country) it can't just kill civilians by mistake and escape censure, hence the Delilah cruise missile:
'“Honestly, it’s the most amazing weapon in the Air Force today.” – These are the words an IAF officer used to describe the Delilah and it’s easy to understand why he is right.

For many years the Delilah was one of the IDF’s biggest secrets, quietly undergoing improvement after improvement, until it became what it is today. Delilah is a cruise missile but it possesses some very unique capabilities that set it apart from the rest.

A typical cruise missile is launched and finds its pre-programmed target with the help of its navigational system. The navigator can send the missile commands and make small adjustments in its flight path, but once the missile begins its final approach no changes can be made. If the missile attacks a target that moves in the last moment or even a wrong target, the missile simply misses with possibly devastating consequences. This is where the Delilah’s special abilities come into play.

Let’s say Delilah is approaching a target and in the last moment the navigator sees on the images transmitted from the missile’s camera that there are civilians in the target zone. All he needs to do is push a button and Delilah aborts its attack, returns to the air and keeps loitering in the target zone until it receives new instructions. Delilah can also be launched in the direction of a suspected target and be instructed to patrol the area and search for its target, effectively functioning as a surveillance drone. Once the navigator identifies the target, he instructs Delilah to approach it. If the target was correctly identified Delilah will attack. If it was not the correct target, a push of a button is enough and Delilah will abort its approach and continue to search for the real target.'

Delilah the humanitarian cruise missile. for more about this remarkable device take a look here at the IAF's site

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Anonymous said...

But of course despite the apparent concern this weapon's design shows for the safety of non-combatants in a war zone, the simple fact is that Israel is a Nazi state bent on the wanton destruction of the whole of humanity and despite its indiscriminate launching of missiles into highly populated areas of Israel and its siting of it's own troops in highly populated areas of Gaza, Hezbollah is a great humanitarian organisation pursuing a righteous war against a wicked enemy.

Or so I'm told.