Thursday, 24 April 2008

The BBC view of the UK?

Take a look at the map of the UK on one of the Question Time pages. The numbers of questions asked are shown against a map of the UK but just show one figure for Scotland and one for what I thought was an unidentified England, the figure appearing just where the words United Kingdom appear. The identifier "England" does appear, over Cornwall and part of the English Channel. In fact the more I look at that map, the more crap I realise it is: Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool are completely omitted, Poole is the only "city" on the south coast between Kent and Devon (I wonder what has happened to Southampton and Portsmouth), the biggest city in the North East is apparently Darlington not Newcastle. But leaving the geography aside, what is the point of knowing how many questions are from each region, but not from where in each region - is it just a crap graphic or standard BBC incompetence?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps standard Microsoft incompetence, combined with a little bit of BBC laziness.