Friday, 25 April 2008

Strange BBC bias

I believe that it is compulsory for all candidates and their parties to be mentioned in news reports, so this BBC article rather odd. The article itself concentrates on the three main candidates - Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick - and then lists the other candidates:

"Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party
Lindsey German, Left List
Richard Barnbrook
Sian Berry, Green Party
Alan Craig, Christian People's Alliance
Matt O'Connor, English Democrats
Winston McKenzie, Independent"

Two things strike me:

1) in what order are these listed, it's not alphabetical by name or party?

2) why is Richard Barnbrook's party not reported? Is even mentioning the BNP verbotten at the BBC?


Anonymous said...

The BBC really needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Newssniffer entry for the addition: