Sunday, 27 April 2008

Law and order in 2008

Read this and wonder just what the UK legal system is there for:

"The family of a drowned teenager stormed out of court yesterday when his killers were jailed for only five-and-a-half years.

Shane Owoo, 16, was frogmarched to a pool for a "punishment swim" by two men in their twenties who accused him of stealing a bicycle.

He was forced into the flooded clay pit while his attackers, who were described as behaving like vigilantes, beat him with sticks and stones until he drowned.

Judge Peter Coulson at Birmingham Crown Court described the crime as "the worst kind of bullying" and "horrific" but there was uproar when it emerged that Christopher Lewis, 22, and Marvin Walker, 21, will be free in only two years....

Lewis and Walker - who faced a maximum life sentence after pleading guilty to manslaughter - will be released on licence at the half-way point in their sentence.

But time served on remand since their arrest in October will be deducted from that term, meaning they will be free by June 2010."

That is all a man's life is worth today, we have lost control of the streets and this Labour government is more than just complicit in this.

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