Wednesday, 16 April 2008

"Labour government breaks rules"

Hardly earth-shattering news as they have form in this area. In this instance it seems that the Conservatives are reporting Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, of breaching Whitehall election rules and have reported her to the cabinet secretary. The reporting follows Jacqui Smith's announcement of 300 "new" police jobs to counter the threat of terrorism. (Off subject but having listened to Jacqui Smith's bad tempered interview on the not quite as Toady as she hoped programme this morning, I am not 100% convinced that this is new money) There is meant to be a three week purdah before the local elections and the Conservatives have complained that the police announcement "breaks both the convention and official rules that official Civil Service resources should not be used to attempt to influence elections in the three weeks up to elections".

The ever impressive Eric Pickles has written to the less impressive Gus O'Donnell
"It is clear that Labour ministers have intentionally broken Cabinet Office rules in an attempt to create a political smokescreen.

"They are trying to hide the fact that police authorities across the country are now axing the number of police officers, whilst hiking the police levy on council tax bills."

He added: "I fear that this is growing evidence of the politicisation of the civil service under Labour, as ministers desperately try to salvage a sinking election campaign."

Of course the Labour government believe that normal rules do not apply to them, after all they are "the political wing of the British people".

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