Friday, 18 April 2008

Does Charles Clarke really think he can replace Gordon Brown?

Nadine Dorries thinks he might be:

"There are many places where MPs meet guests in the House of Commons. Some are private, some not so.

Over the last few months I have noticed Charles Clarke hosting numerous cups of tea and coffee with numerous Labour MPs and Peers.

Charles Clarke is no fool, he is known as a very shrewd Parliamentary operator.

The first day I noticed his prolific tea drinking it was as though MPs were playing musical chairs .The seat next to him had hardly gone cold before another one arrived. I remember thinking in my Wind in the Willows way, “mmm, what’s occurring”? He was so obviously networking with a sense of urgency.

Gordon Brown had only just been elected leader, he hadn’t yet had a chance to warm his seat up.

As I said, the man is no fool; he could probably see the writing on the wall a long time before anyone else.

Question is, is he a stalking horse for someone else, or is his eye on the main game?"

I cannot believe that Charles Clarke really has a chance of becoming Prime Minister, too much baggage and an image only slightly better than Gordon Brown's.

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