Friday, 25 April 2008

Second preference votes

The BBC are as usual doing Labour's work for them. They "report" that:

"Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Paddick has warned his rivals he will not be endorsing either - in the battle for voters' second preferences.

Labour's Ken Livingstone said he shared "90%" of policies with the Lib Dems and once urged Labour voters to back a Lib Dem MP in a marginal seat in 2001.

But Mr Paddick, who polls place third, said it was a "naked attempt" to get his second preference votes.

Tory Boris Johnson said he did not want to be BNP voters' second preference."

Beautifully done BBC, you report that Brian Paddick won't endorse either of the two main candidates, then "report" how Lib Dems are closer to Ken than Boris and finish up by associating Boris with the BNP - excellent work, Gordon will be pleased with you. Especially as I have blogged previously the only first preference votes that will count are those for Ken and Boris, for all other candidates it is the second preference that will count when their first choice candidate is eliminated. In reality, a second preference vote for Ken or Boris is worth precisely the same to them as a first preference vote. I don't expect that the BBC will be pushing that point as it might stop some Lib Dems putting Ken as their second preference.

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