Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Health and Safety

Nanny Knows Best gas the details of another piece of Health and Safety stupidity:

"David Smith, an elderly disabled man of 78, has been left with rubbish piling up at his home in my home town of Croydon.


It seems that is just "too dangerous" for binmen to collect it?


Does he have a dangerous dog?


Does he threaten them with a shotgun?


The bin men have to climb the four steps to the house to collect it.....

A Croydon Council spokesman said:

"Several health and safety issues have been identified by the council's contractor with regard refuse collection in a number of roads.

The council is currently investigating alternative methods of collection and the affected residents will be notified.""

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And I'll bet Croydonians thought they'd left all this nonsense behind when the Conservatives took over.

Well, actually, no they didn't.

Why is it that some councils run fairly smoothly whatever party's in power and some are useless no matter what.