Thursday, 24 April 2008

"A pathetic figure"

Watch PMQs from yesterday and does anyone else think that the Labour backbenchers cheers are somewhat muted compared to 6 months ago. David Cameron is actually quite good, bearing in mind that Gordon Brown cannot answer a question except with statistics and slurs.

As Simon Carr in The Independent writes:

"In cold print, his defence of the "tense pence" (sic) looks very odd. "Everybody now agrees the 10p rate is not the best way of tackling poverty," he said as though correcting yet another Tory blunder. Later, he denounced the Tories for having opposed the introduction of the 10p band. But as he'd opposed it himself last year (to the point of abolishing it) his backbenchers became confused. Were the Tories right? Was their leader a Tory himself?"

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