Friday, 25 April 2008

Labour Minister - Do as I say, not as I do - Shock!

Sky News report that John Hutton, currently Business Secretary but with probable designs on becoming Prime Minister, may not practice what he preaches:

"The support of Business Secretary John Hutton for a campaign for better tips for waiters has prompted an irritated response from Sky News staffer Kris Jepson.

Mr Hutton told Sky News this is "an important issue" and that "we should support" waiters and waitresses.

Says Kris: "It's a pity he didn't feel this way when I used to serve him and his children dinner at the Fisherman's Arms Hotel in Baycliff, Cumbria. He ate at the establishment several times during my stint there as waiter and NEVER tipped us!""

What a shock, a Labour Minister who doesn't practice what he preaches; who would have thought it...

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