Sunday, 27 April 2008

Matthew Parris on Gordon Brown and the Conservative party

A must read article by Matthew Parris in The Times.

"But those of us who maintain our long-held judgments about Mr Brown's utter incapacity for office need no more trouble ourselves with wondering what will humiliate him next than we need to study tide and weather charts to determine the moment when the incoming waves will breach the walls of a sandcastle. The castle is made of sand: it will yield. Gordon Brown is a vacuum: he will implode.

The implosion, however, will be ugly. Mr Brown is unlikely to go quietly. He may be mad but he's quite used to being mad, he's been mad for a long time, he doesn't see it, and on some ghastly level the prognosis is stable."

Coruscating stuff indeed and as ever with Matthew Parris, beautifully written.

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