Thursday, 17 April 2008

More problems for Gordon Brown

Whilst Gordon Brown's US visit is failing to attract much attention in the US, as his team of PR experts managed to book him in during the Pope's visit, back at home his problems multiply.

Here's a Labour Home piece and comments on the problem with Gordon. Tony Hannon's article includes this:

"with Gordon. I look at the conference Q&A where barely a question from his own Party members went satisfactorily answered. The video link is out there somewhere. Waffle and platitudes around the topics raised.

Whenever there was a crisis for Blair – Gordon was nowhere to be found and a statement came a few days after the fact. We’ve now stumbled from issue, to crisis, to non-issue for almost a year and this guy never makes his argument convincingly.

To put it frankly – someone who has hidden away from difficult conversations with the public and the press has no real right to associate himself with courage.

Someone who contrived relentlessly and remorselessly to oust the most successful leader this party has ever had is in ill a position to expect loyalty.

Someone with the least credible ability to argue a case or policy has no right to call himself leader."

As ever, the comments are even more cutting...

Meanwhile, The Guardian report on the call by some Labour MPs for a new type of inheritance tax, just the policy Gordon Brown wants to be associated with...

If Gordon Brown wasn't quite such a monumental disaster for this Country, I'd almost feel sorry for him - almost!

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