Wednesday, 16 April 2008

"Gordon Brown is not up to the job"

Hardly an earth-shattering view, but do take a read of Simon Heffer's column in The Telegraph. Here is an extract:

"I do not think Mr Brown is dishonest. I think he is blinkered by sociopathy, narrow-minded and inflexible in a way that is bad enough when you are right but fatal when you are wrong.

He also seems to detach himself and his actions from the consequences that are now being played out, notably in the economic arena.

Finally, he is a poor judge of people, having kept in important jobs people who are either incapable or who have the knack of instantly repelling the public. That is why his party now languishes in the polls: it is also why, given the absence of a big idea, the odds are against it reviving enough to win an outright majority at an election."

As always do read the whole article and take a browse through the comments section beneath.

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