Friday, 2 January 2009

More Labour incompetence

Further to my blog yesterday that:
"Vladimir Putin is reported to have given Ukraine until midnight tonight tonight to pay the £1.5 million outstanding gas bill or he will order the shutting down of gas supplies to Ukraine. Bear in mind that 25 per cent of the EU's supplies come from the Ukraine, so bye bye gas means higher prices and probable shortages."
I note that Iain Dale today reports that:
"As a result of 10 years of government inaction, Britain is one of the most vulnerable countries in Europe to turbulence in gas supply. Germany has 99 days of gas storage capacity, France has 122 days, while Britain has just 15 days. As a result, British consumers pay the price because we are more exposed to volatile gas prices than our neighbours."

15 days! Just 15 days supply. Is there a government minister who would care to explain the lack of the UK's preparedness? Somehow I doubt it.


Barnacle Bill said...

Its all America's fault and the Tory's dash-for-gas is the message from der Bunker.

Not a sheep said...

Of course, Labour have only just taken over from an incompetent, evil Tory regime and it will take them time to repair the damage.
Alternatively they have been in power since 1997 and really are a bunch of incompetents.