Saturday, 21 February 2009

And the protests reach Dublin

Even the BBC have to report that:
"Up to 100,000 people have gathered in Dublin city centre to protest at the Irish government's handling of the country's recession.

Many are angry at plans to impose a pension levy on public sector workers. "

The BBC article manages not to mention the "fact" that the problem started in AMerica and ends thus:
"Ireland, which was once one of Europe's fastest-growing economies, has fallen into recession faster than many other members of the European Union.

The country officially fell into recession in September 2008, and unemployment has risen sharply in the following months.

The numbers of people claiming unemployment benefit in the Irish Republic rose to 326,000 in January, the highest monthly level since records began in 1967. "

I wonder how the BBC will report the first London protest march, it can't be far off. Although of course we are banned from marching on the Houses of Parliament, the UK no longer being a free country.

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